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CSE Education

CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) is a serious and difficult issue to deal with in school. Sensitivities and reservation around the subject are natural and understandable. In this climate finding a well researched and clearly understood product, that will be responsive and helpful, is extremely difficult. Click on the logo above to be taken directly to the site.

Amelix Education Resources have developed a platform to provide education professionals with a live, monitored, hub of information to aid them in their day to day work with young people.  No longer will you need to rely on once a year INSET to keep your staff abreast of the current topics, they will have full and complete access to all the information they need.  Schools are incredibly busy places and the standard five days of training cannot possibly keep every member of staff up to date with the rapidly changing environment around Child Sexual Exploitation. Communication channels are often blurred and misinformation and supposition can be highly dangerous. Therefore, by providing this service we can support professionals working with young people to stay current as, and when, they need that support.


‘Helping schools to keep children safe’


Providing full lessons, as well as assemblies, combined with information from respected Charities and institutions it has everything you need to keep your staff abreast of current issues, terms and technological advances.

This is ground-breaking work and draws on the expertise of web design, ex-Police force members and Educationalists. However, this topic is far too important to leave our children, and the people who work with them, exposed. Should you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us

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