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Innovative Solutions

CSE Education

Amelix Education Resources have developed a platform to provide education professionals with a live, monitored, hub of information to aid them in their day to day work with young people. No longer will you need to rely on once a year INSET to keep your staff abreast of the current topics, they will have full and complete access to all the information they need.
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School Telecoms

Amelix Telecom specialises in providing schools with telephone lines, broadband and hosting solutions. We can also help you Save More Than Money with every bill you pay.
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After Hours Receptionist

Being available to your parents and stakeholders has never been more important. Parents will expect you to be available, on a range of social media, as well as by text and telephone. All of these aspects cost time and money, usually in the form of staff. We offer a range of services to enable you to get on with the day to day running of your school without having to worry about whether people feel connected.
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Social Media Services

We can monitor and be responsive on your social media, monitor your schools profile (what are other saying) and produce content to engage your community.
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