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A new education opportunity.

We have developed a great space for teachers, and others, to utilise to bring learning to life.

Our mission is to provide ‘My ideal classroom at Reculver’.  We all know that Reculver is an amazing setting for all sorts of educational experiences. Whether it is Geography, History, Art or PSHE the raw beauty of the nature combined with the thousands of years of history have created a unique place to visit. With WiFi, a projector, comfortable tables and chairs it is an ideal learning space.

For your comfort there is also a wonderful coffee shop serving a full range of drinks and delicious cakes and crepes.  We want our offer to be guided by you. We can provide materials to aid your teaching, equipment to facilitate coursework and a projector enabling you to easily share resources.

We look forward to seeing you, if you would like some more information please do not hesitate to contact us.


What is Reculver?

Reculver is a country park. As well as the famous towers there is a brilliant playground and, now, a fantastic cafe and education centre. You can get a sense of the place from the brilliant video by Lee O’Sullivan above.