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School Telecoms


Amelix Education Resources is part of the Amelix Group which has its own telecom division supplying exactly the same lines and data services used by BT, Talk Talk or any other telecoms reseller (We all buy from BT wholesale). The difference is we don’t run expensive advertising or media campaigns instead we like to pss the savings directly onto our end users. 

On average we save most of our school clients circa £1500 per year on their phone lines and broadband, we can also be really creative how the savings are passed on, we can either just send you a lower bill or carry on billing you the same amount and make a donation into the schools generated income budget or sponsor some activity in the school or provide prizes for achievement. As we understand how schools work we can provide bespoke packages that best meet your schools need.


On average we save our Primary School clients £957 and our Secondary School clients £1583 per year on their lines and data costs. 


Amelix was founded by serial entrepreneur Louis Hurst who passionately believes “A Business that makes noting but money is a poor business” therefore we have developed a suite of tarrifs called Save More Than Money which gives 50% of the money we make to projects in East Africa, we can also link your school with schools in Uganda. Watch the video to see Save More Than Money in action. Not only will your school help kids around the world we can provide internet links and other innovative partner programmes as well as saving your school about 45% on the bill they are currently paying with BT.

For more information on school telecoms give one of our team a ring on 0844 801 99 55 or email telecoms@amelix.co.uk – We also offer additional discounts for schools who take our telecoms on all our projects including our out of hours receptionist and social media monitoring as well as Provision Tracker.

Call us now on 0844 801 99 55 or email telecoms@amelix.co.uk


Provision Tracker

Provision Tracker is a simple to use tool; it allows a school to easily and efficiently monitor, assess, cost and evaluate interventions.

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